Who ya gonna call?

OK here’s the deal, I’m currently playing The Last of Us…..like right now as i post this and it’s going exactly how i pictured it would, terribly. I had this whole plan of writing a little bit then going back to playing the game then jump back to writing and to be honest this is the first thing i have written in the last two hours or so, this game just keeps sucking me back in. Anyway what we got this week is one hell of a long episode to make up for our lazy asses and technical difficulties but i promise we’ll start a normal schedule soon.

This week we talk abit about The Last of Us, Hotline Miami 2, E3 shenanigans, and all those toys you used to play with as kids that sounded like good ideas in theory but actually turned out to be terrible like this Terminator playset i had as a child where you would take a little rubber endoskeleton of a terminator, put it in an Arnold mold and pour this weird skin coloured liquid latex shit that smelled real funny into the mold to make a bunch of little naked Arnolds, smelly little naked Arnolds thats skin would never fully set all over the skeleton causing it to sag and slop off in random chunks so….Sorry i started playing again and can’t remember where i was going with the smelly Arnold story uhhhh yea toys were gross back then.


X Boxin

This is a quick one guys, just a little something we did after the Xbox One reveal conference fashion show thingy because that’s what we do, we put in the hard work you know? We go out there and we buy the games and we sit and play and its grueling work…..sorry i’m getting carried away. Either way listen to it, do you agree? do you disagree? let us know at vidjagamegourmets@gmail.com


What universe is this?

So if you haven’t played Bioshock Infinite yet I’m warning you right now, SPOILERS. Seriously this isn’t a joke, i don’t want to here the bitching and moaning about how you went ahead and listened to this glorious podcast anyway and ended up having entire game ruined for you and oh yes we will ruin it for you…..well maybe not really. We also chat abit about some Nintendo politics. One thing we don’t have is food, we done fucked up. Sorry honestly it just never came up.


The Kozlovs Chapter3

Chapter 3 is up and man it’s all over the fucking place, in a good way. In this chapter we’re movin on up with the Kozlovs, this amazing little mall in Barrie Ontario. Do they have the latest fashion  no, do they have any recognizable stores? no, do they have a fully functional food court? ohhhhh lawdy no but they got games and games is what we go for. Now you can come with us on our magical adventure to the greater white north where the snow never seems to fucking melt, seriously people could barely walk down the street it was insane. Either way have a listen you might learn something…..probably not.


PODCAST!!!! CHAPTER !….i mean 1

So this is it after many, many, many tries it’s finally converted and going up, VGG chapter 1 that is. Hopefully i can link this to iTunes fairly easily to get it out there because honestly this podcast is all that and a bag of chips, gnome sayin. It’s got everything, action, adventure, good eats and a romance with Lou Feriggno. We’re going to try to put up some pictures of food as well as some other reviews outside of the podcast but any comments, suggestions, or if you just want to tell us how horribly wrong we were about something on the podcast let us know at vidjagamegourmets@gmail.com

(Mature Languages so kiddies need not apply)

Chapter 1