The Kozlovs Chapter3

Chapter 3 is up and man it’s all over the fucking place, in a good way. In this chapter we’re movin on up with the Kozlovs, this amazing little mall in Barrie Ontario. Do they have the latest fashion  no, do they have any recognizable stores? no, do they have a fully functional food court? ohhhhh lawdy no but they got games and games is what we go for. Now you can come with us on our magical adventure to the greater white north where the snow never seems to fucking melt, seriously people could barely walk down the street it was insane. Either way have a listen you might learn something…..probably not.


Chapter 2!

We’re Baaaack! Vidja Game Gourmets back on track with Chapter 2. If you thought the last one was amazing just wait until you hear of our PC gaming problems, our tomato relish troubles, and a little bit of monster hunter madness. We cover a whole lot more but really why spoil the surprise writing it all here just go listen to it. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may become violently ill but you were probably already sick to begin with and should have a medical professional take a look. Regardless, have a listen. KAPOOYA!

oh yea, don’t eat raw chicken.VGGC002

PODCAST!!!! CHAPTER !….i mean 1

So this is it after many, many, many tries it’s finally converted and going up, VGG chapter 1 that is. Hopefully i can link this to iTunes fairly easily to get it out there because honestly this podcast is all that and a bag of chips, gnome sayin. It’s got everything, action, adventure, good eats and a romance with Lou Feriggno. We’re going to try to put up some pictures of food as well as some other reviews outside of the podcast but any comments, suggestions, or if you just want to tell us how horribly wrong we were about something on the podcast let us know at

(Mature Languages so kiddies need not apply)

Chapter 1