Rogue Legacy

Just got this off of steam, didn’t know much about it until today, i seen there was about 6,692 people playing it so i figured why not at least check it out, im glad i did. So basically your this hero that’s going into this castle to get some potion to heal your dying father, every time you go into this castle its a little different, which makes for a nice pull your hair out kinda style at times, because this game is defiantly challenging. When you die, and you will, you will start off as another hero from your family tree, you will choose one of three heroes, each with their own little “Special” abilities, that’s means they can get I.B.S, yes you shit yourself. Thats just one of many little fucked up traits you will get, along with being huge or dyslexic or whatever. There is also a huge perk type system to this game, you collect coins when you play and that carries over when you die, you go to this type of skill tree castle type menu and you decide what you want, hp up, magic up, shit like that, but the other great part of this is, the more of those skill tree traits you buy, the more that get unlocked,so for example right now I have unlocked a shinobi guy, a stronger barbarian and now im working to get a stronger mage, but wait there’s more!, I sound like a shitty t.v ad, you also upgrade your equipment and get different perks to use, so much stuff to talk about, again I only been playing for about 1hr and so far really like it, well worth the $15 on steam, its also reminding me of the way The Binding of Isaac and Super House of Dead Ninjas plays out, the different each time you play kind of aspect, so if you like that than get this. This was supposed to be short.


Brett Davis

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