Super House of Dead Ninjas


Prepare yourself, your a ninja girl, your in a tower, you have weapons, you know how to use them. Time to go down, running at fast speed you come across a jumping bird! birds dead……you continue running and you come across two fatasses! you jump in the air spinning your blade of high rezed snes looking glory and cut their heads off! you land watching the blood drip from the wall, time to keep going. Ya sounds like a game i would like to play too, this is Super House of Dead Ninjas available on Steam for $6.99, i’m telling you its the best $6.99 i have ever spent. You play as a ninja girl named Nintai Ryoko, the Crimson Ninja, your goal is too descend a tower of death all the while unlocking goodies like new weapons, bombs, projectiles, new clothing, a ton of stuff, and the way to do it is by completing the objective it tells you over the item you have selected in the menu, it makes for an addicting got to get everything type of game. Every time you play it, it will be a different experience with randomly generated towers, and to add to it there is a randomize button that chooses your load out for you to give you that extra challenge which i found was a lot of fun especially when you unlock more items.


I honestly couldn’t stop playing this game, every time you go down this tower its something different but just the shear satisfaction of slicing everything that gets in your way is just nice. if the enemy is far throw a ninja star at his head and watch it come off, slice enough guys up and you fill up your ninja rage meter and then really go nuts! I almost for got to mention that this game does have bosses in it, not to hard once you learn the pattern, kind of Megaman like, which is never a bad thing. Its also the type of game where you could just jump in for 5-10min and be totally happy you did, the more you play the better you get, and when you improve it shows.

You have a health meter at the top of the screen, every time you get hit you loose what looks like a tooth, you loose them all, your dead!, your health could also be upgraded so no need to worry, but your ass got to earn it! There is a time meter in the bottom which you can, again get items to upgrade . Throughout the level you get these time looking icons which increase the time, when time hits 0 a grim reaper dude comes out and gives you what you deserve for letting it hit 0. This game is relentless but in a fun way, you will want to keep getting punished because eventually you will be doing the punishing back. I would only have one gripe with this game and its just not having any real multiplayer, but again for $6.99 you really cant go wrong, the Developers at Megadev and Publisher AdultSwim games deserve the credit, and thank you for making this game, its great to see games like this coming out, support them so they can keep it going. So to finish it up, I didn’t want to say too much about it because its a game to discover for yourself, getting all the upgrades, crushing the bosses and finally reaching the bottom, I just hope in the future they could add some type of multiplayer to the mix, I will gladly pay more for it, out of 5 I would give it a 4, so again do yourself a favor and get this game and join in with me cuttin some bitches up.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Brett Davis

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