Ridiculous Fishing

Ridiculous Fishing

I want to talk a little bit about Ridiculous Fishing here. If there’s one word that could properly sum up Ridiculous Fishing that word would probably be…ludicrous. You play as Billy or @rodandgun man if you wanna go by his screen name. Billy likes to fish, billy REALLY likes to fish, this is all Billy does and this is all Billy knows. Ask Billy what dry land is and he won’t have an answer for you, but ask Billy how to connect a chainsaw that shoots blades out of it to a fishing hook and he’ll be your new best friend. Billy likes to use things like that when he goes fishing but he doesn’t stop at the chainsawing oh no no no thats only half the fun for old Bill. Sometimes Billy like’s to just take it easy and avoid as many fish as possible insuring that his lure gets straight to the bottom of whatever pond, lake, or sea he’s fishing in. Now Billy doesn’t always make it to the bottom though and that spool of infinite fishing line down at Fongs (his names Sean) boat shoppe can be kinda pricey so once he gets to the end the only way to go is back up. This is where it starts getting interesting because our dear friend Billy likes to fish on the way up and he likes to catch as many fish on his one damn hook as possible(no jellyfish though, they’s just bad for bidness).
Now you’re thinking “alright pretty simple game you buy your lures, outfit your Billy in some sweet gear like a wizard robe and go do some fishing”. Yes and no, using the phones accelerometer to tilt the lure back and forth while you’re fishing does give it a sort of doodlejump feel but once you get those fish close to the surface Billy likes to give em a little flick into the air and then continue to blast the ever loving shit out of them using your finger and which ever weapon he most recently purchased from Fongs (remember that guy). What does he get for shooting the faces off of the little fishies? more money of course to buy bigger deadlier implements of destruction….or a bitchin new hat. Which makes me wonder, when you shoot the fish they are basically vaporized there is absolutely nothing left, so what kind of shot up scraps of dead sea life is Billy selling to this fish monger to make his money? Regardless, Billy knows his job and he does it well.
The menus are exactly what you need and expect for this type of game. Ye olde boat shoppe to buy your lures, lines and toasters or orbital ray if you ballin, a map for choosing where you think the fish population could use a little thinning out, a fish-o-pedia to teach you valuable life lessons like gold fish are actually made out of gold coloured fish and that piranha is a difficult word to spell, and finally ol’ Bills mock twitter feed which honestly scrolling through it right now i can’t find any use for.
At $2.99 off iTunes i think it’s well worth it, it’s addicting as all hell and has kept me busy for about a week now just trying to unlock everything. Sure you could do it faster then that but if you make it that game you play while you poop it’s much more rewarding (don’t lie everyone does it).
Out of 5 i’d have to give it a 4 simply for the fact that it could have used a little bit more all around, a little longer, a few more items or lures just to really start mixing it up and see what kind of bad ass fishermen you and Billy really are.
In the end if you’ve got $2.99 just buy this fucking game, you won’t be disappointed and honestly what else would you spend $2.99 on? a bag of chips?
A ride to work on your local public transit system? fuck that! call in sick and take a little fishing trip with your friend Billy.


ridiculous fishing

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