Cast Iron Chicken, Bone in


  So easy to make it hurts the brain, preheat the oven to about 375 to 400deg, salt and pepper them chickens, high heat, make sure the pan is nice and hot, ” always keep your cast iron greased and sexy, just a wee bit of oil, olive, canola, whatever you got dont worry. Put your chickens in the pan one at a time, let them sear and turn a nice golden brown color, little bit of char is fine, thats flavor, put the pan in the oven, wait about 45min, you know all depending how big your chicken is, the temp for cooked chicken should be around 165deg, or until the meat is white on the inside of course, NOOOOO PIIIINK!!!!!! you die…… When you take the chicken out let it rest for about 10min or so, that way all those sexy juices stay inside. Then eat it. play some great games.


Brett Davis

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