Vidjagamegourmets. A name that will go down in history, maybe not how we would have liked it to in the end but history none the less!!

Our story starts with two good ol Canadian boys who have been bestowed with the task of reviewing games and eating food, sometimes reviewing food and eating games, depends how bored they get. (Disclaimer: video game cartridges contain toxic materials DO NOT EAT THEM!)

I know what you’re thinkin though, you’re thinkin ” But Gary, these two Canucks are just gonna sit there sayin sorry every 5 minutes and talkin’ about how great everything is”. Fuck that! If there is something these boys don’t like yall are gonna hear about it. Sure everyone has different opinions on things and that’s all fine and dandy but if they can convince you to try something different, mission accomplished.

Oh and one more thing, Aunt Jemima is not real maple syrup.

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