X Boxin

This is a quick one guys, just a little something we did after the Xbox One reveal conference fashion show thingy because that’s what we do, we put in the hard work you know? We go out there and we buy the games and we sit and play and its grueling work…..sorry i’m getting carried away. Either way listen to it, do you agree? do you disagree? let us know at vidjagamegourmets@gmail.com


What universe is this?

So if you haven’t played Bioshock Infinite yet I’m warning you right now, SPOILERS. Seriously this isn’t a joke, i don’t want to here the bitching and moaning about how you went ahead and listened to this glorious podcast anyway and ended up having entire game ruined for you and oh yes we will ruin it for you…..well maybe not really. We also chat abit about some Nintendo politics. One thing we don’t have is food, we done fucked up. Sorry honestly it just never came up.



If you’re lactose intolerant what’s the first thing that comes to mind for dessert? Sorbet? no, some sort of curd?? no. A creme brulee of course and we got lots of that in Chapter 006. But not everything is fun and sweet stuff, we get down with some FarCry3 Blood Dragon, chat about fez, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City and try to find out what was really worth playing on the dreamcast.