Chapter 4.731567362 hehehehar harrrreheheheh HEHAR HAHAR!

OHHHH Shit! Jurassic Park in 3d YEA we talk about it, why not?, I’ve see this movie so many times it’s embarrassing to say but it just get’s better and better every time, I could watch it again right now. In all seriousness though if you listen to this weeks podcast there will be some MAJOR SPOILERS so if you haven’t had a chance to see this movie since it first came out in 1993 I strongly suggest you crawl out from whatever moist moss covered rock you were living under, clean your self off, maybe get a hair cut and clean under your nails. Go out find a girl, grab some 2 can dine coupons for McDonalds have a nice meal. You know you can bring your own table clothes to Mcdonalds and ask for plastic cutlery, makes it fancy as fuck. Then afterwards hit up the local theater, search the parking lot for soiled and discarded 3d goggles, sneak in a side door and youse got your self a romantic evening for two watching 3d dinosaurs wreak havoc on people that were to stupid to leave with the boat when they had the chance (wishin you had that arm back ain’t you Samuel)

all credit to the artist

all credit to the artist

Thats not all we talk about though here at VGG, we cover plenty of other things like these awesome Mcdonalds happy meal toys for the Croods or something like that, i can never get the fucking name right. It’s endless fun of building up the same structure then destroying your work over and over and over again, i give it a 2. As well as Pork on Rice and a trip to five guys. Not to mention a whole bunch o things we been playing.  SHOOT HER! SHOOOOOOOOOT HER!!!!


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